Song Cabinet Open to Show the Song or "Inset" Cages Inside

Male Canary 
This Canary Is in Breeding Condition 
(Pseudo-Penis Is About Size and Shape of a New Eraser on a Pencil)

More Young Waterslagers

SIMON is a rescue bird, a blue fronted amazon, that has become the mascot of A Bird in the Hand. Since amazon parrots are known to be
​vocal and loud, Simon does not live in the bird rooms in which my song canaries are raised.


I raise Belgian waterslagers, Spanish timbrados, German rollers, and a few American singers.  The males of these song breeds need to be kept apart, especially during the critical song learning phases, in order to prevent each breed from picking up the sounds of the others.  The exception to this is that American singers can actually benefit from hearing the songs of the other breeds since they are scored on such things as freedom of song, variety, and tone rather than on specific tours or notes like the other song breeds.

When looking for birds to buy, for breeding or as pets, remember that experienced breeders that bring their birds to song contests will always provide you with better birds.  That is because it is only by regularly getting the expert opinion of a trained judge that a breeder can improve his stock.  It is amazing how quickly a line of birds can degenerate into mediocre singers without that regular expert advice.

I occasionally have show quality birds available, especially after the contests in November, December, or January
​(depending on the breed); 
contact me.

The only legal way to ship canaries at present is by air in a counter to counter situation.  Since the cost of air shipping is quite high (around $150 per
​box today) and airlines have strict minimum and maximum temperature regulations for cities of origin, destinations, and any stop over in
between, it has become almost impossible to ship by air at the time I have birds available, practically speaking. I therefore prefer
​to sell all birds as "to be picked up in San Francisco, CA."

OMJ Judge Robert Mittemeijer Scoring a team of Waterslagers in 2004

A Young Crested Timbrado Male

Song Cabinet

The Beginning

Young Waterslager Hen Flight

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A Nice Deep-Bodied Timbrado Hen

Another Green Timbrado

Young Yellow Timbrados

My Outdoor Aviary; At Present it Houses Some Ornamental Pheasants


Another View of the Aviary

The following Links will take you to YouTube videos of some of my birds and other critters:

Horn of Plenty:  Waterslager Nestlings

A Green Timbrado in a Valencia Style Song Cage

Female Canary
This Hen Is Out of Condition (Dome-Shaped Abdomen and Downward-Directed Cloaca)

Female Canary
This Hen Is in Breeding Condition (Torpedo-Shaped Abdomen and Backward-Directed Cloaca)

A Typical Waterslager

My Birds

A White Waterslager With a Smooth Voice Like Velvet Fog

My Original Waterslager Male, Charlemagne

Young Timbrados in Their Flight

Young Male Waterslagers

And Just to Show My Birds Are Multifaceted...

The Goal

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